The Lords Valley Builders Story

One of the most important and difficult decisions you will ever make is hiring the right contractor to build your new home.  Rightfully so, builders in general have earned bad reputations.  Unfinished jobs, phone calls and emails not returned, shoddy work, and a general lack of professionalism.

We’ve heard it all.

At Lords Valley Builders, here in the heart of Pike County, Pennsylvania, we have been building dream homes for 25 years.  And we are very proud of our hard-working team of framers, master carpenters, and electricians.  We’ve been together for decades, and we have never abandoned or no-showed a project.  Owner Glenn Strys lives in Lords Valley and is on each job-site daily. 

Our office is not a van.  We’ve been in the same building on Route 739 since 1994, and are always just a phone call or an email away.

Do you have a project you’re considering, or are you ready to build a new home?  Let’s schedule a time to talk.  We are no-obligation, no-pressure, and work closely with our clientele throughout the building process.

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“I’ve been building homes in Pike County since I was 18.  It’s not a job, or even a career for me–it’s a passion.  Each home I build, I build it as if I was going to live there myself.”

Glenn Strys
Lords Valley Builders

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